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Mrs Dorothy Iguma

Associate Lecturer

Mrs Dorothy Iguma

Dorothy Iguma is a lecturer with a Combined Honors in Law with Health Services Mgt from the University of East London (2014) and further holds a Master’s in Events Design and Management from the University of Westminster in 2020. She has 17 years of experience in the Health and Social Care sector, working as a CQC Registered Care Manager delivering care and support services to elderly residents across several London local communities.

She began her academic career at the London School of Commerce and IT and later joined Regent College London in 2021 as an associate academic assessor. Since joining the school of Allied Health, Dorothy has demonstrated her experience in the delivery of both online and hybrid modules. Her teaching perspective is motivated by an honest desire to offer students with collaborative and factual views of theory and stimulating their current opinions and their analytical beliefs. Alongside teaching, Dorothy works as a Recruitment Consultant to private healthcare organisations and the NHS.

She has also served as a member of the Trainee Teacher Advisory Group (TTAG) in the Society for Education and Training (SET), and being a member of TTAG; she ensured logical and analytical approaches were engaged in resolving difficulties, identifying improvements and planning within the Group and the Sector in general.

Dorothy’s research interests include the sustainability of events in local and global spheres. She has ongoing specific interests in the socio-economic well-being of elderly residents and the integration of black ethnic minority young people in local communities.

• Social Inclusion, Empowerment and Health (HSO5005) – This module covers the social issues which affect health and wellbeing, with an understanding of the influence of socio-economic indicators. Students are gaining knowledge around the different groups in society, with regards to social inclusion and exclusion. They are further understanding power and empowerment in view of the role of advocacy and anti-discriminatory practice.
• Employability Skills (HSO5006) – This module discusses employability generally and more specifically in the health and social care sector. The module provides the opportunity to consider the range of career and employment prospects in the health and social care sector, with consideration of multiagency teams and inter-professional working. The skills required for general employment such as interpersonal and transferable skills, and the dynamics of working with others in teams or groups including leadership and communication skills.