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Mr. Bogui Lucien-Martial Godo

Associate Lecturer

Mr. Bogui Lucien-Martial Godo

BA (Hons.) MA, MBA, Ph. D Researcher / Associate Lecturer in HRM-UEL, Visiting Lecturer MBA Programme UCL Global Business School for Health

●Ph. D research study in Business Administration, School of Business and Law, University of East London-UEL Marial Godo’s Ph.D. research topic is “A Critical Analysis of Leadership, Economic Development and Institutional Transformation: The Experience of Rwanda”. The main interests of his research include Leadership, Economic Development and Transformational Institutions. Marial’s main research interests are Corporate Governance and Leadership, Economic Development and Transformational Institutions combining political will and business integrity in business and enterprise endeavors.

BMP3003 Further Academic Writing;  World of Work