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Kawther Rekabi


Kawther Rekabi

A dedicated and committed programming lecturer, through high motivation and dogged determination, managed to get the database and programming developer position in the late 1990s. Motivating others, staff and students alike, to achieve their highest potential in both career and academic work. Having got a B.Sc., an MSc. and a Ph.D. in the area of ICT, programming for front-end interface, and back-end SQL databases. An excellent organiser and a natural leader who works in a team-playing environment, with an emphasis on identifying career opportunities for development. SKILLS SUMMARY My Strongest skills include programming languages (VB6, C++, C# and Java), operating systems (DOS, Unix, Windows XP/ 20003 and Vista), databases (Access and SQL7/2000), and My SQL, Good knowledge of Pascal, Fortran, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Flash, PHP, the Internet, Mathcad, Networking, and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

PhD Electronic & Computer Engineering Research .School of Engineering and Design. PhD Research in Adaptive mixed eLearning and ICT and Education combination.

Advanced Java and C# Programming . Fundamentals of Programming and Data Structure Algorithms.