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John A. Raineri


John A. Raineri

John is an academic assessor (equivalent to a senior lecturer) at Regent College London teaching informatics. He has been a Senior Lecturer in Computing Science, teaching in higher education in the UK for over twenty-five years. He has BA in Art and Science at Governors State University in the USA in 1993 and a Post Graduate Diploma in Interactive Computer Systems at Middlesex University in 1996 in the UK.

Currently working on a AV/VR Mixed Reality to explore budgets and resources necessary for teaching and learning lessons and exhibits. Worked as technical and education consultant for government, corporate, and boutique developments of the multimedia. Before the internet, I was a photojournalist and a corporate and cable TV producer for studio and field production and interactive video entertainment in night clubs and disco’s.

He also teaches Computing Projects, Computing Security, Internet of Things Projects, eCommerce Strategy, Computer Games, Artificial Intelligence, and level 3 Foundation.