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Dr. Ebikinei Stanley Eguruze

Associate Lecturer

Dr. Ebikinei Stanley Eguruze

Autobiography Dr. Ebikinei Stanley Eguruze is an Academic Assessor (AA) at the School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Regent’s College, London, (RCL)UK(February 2022), as well as an Associate Professor in Marketing/Ph.D. Supervisor at the American University for Leaders (AUL) in London, UK(since 2016). Dr. Eguruze was formerly of the School of Marketing, Faculty of Management Studies, Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State, Nigeria (2005-2017)/ part-time at Imo State University (in Bayelsa)(2006-2009). Dr. Eguruze’s Ph.D. research interest is about Tackling Poverty using Social Marketing Techniques. Dr. Eguruze holds a Ph.D. (Marketing)Cardiff-Met, UK; an MA(Marketing) from the University of Greenwich, UK; an MA(Youth & Community Development) from Brunel University, UK; a Bsc (Marketing) from Andrew Jackson University, USA; LLB(Hons) Law, UEL, UK, etc. Dr. Eguruze also holds professional qualifications, which include, Diploma Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM, UK) and an Advanced Diploma from and Association of Business Chartered Executive (ABE, UK), as well as being an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX, UK). Dr. Eguruze has vast experience in teaching a wide range of business/marketing courses which the course is preparing students towards their academic degrees, as well as professional qualifications, which include CIM, ABE, CILEX, and Health and Social Care Post Graduate Programme at level 7.

Research and Scholarship Activities and Achievements Dr. Eguruze is committed to the advancement and dissemination of marketing and business management knowledge through research and publishing. Dr. Eguruze’s Ph.D. research interest is around Tackling Poverty using Social Marketing Techniques. He has published several Journal articles, including four books: (Tackling poverty, published in 2016, USA; Strategy for Tackling poverty in Nigeria, 2017, USA; Strategy for Tackling poverty in Nigeria, 2nd edition, 2021, Germany, and Strategy for overcoming poverty in Nigeria, 2022, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Having published book(s), Dr. Eguruze has made positive contributions to world literacy and knowledge. As well as being a managing editor of two journals previously, he is also a peer reviewer at Sage, Emerald, Elsevier, and Indescience. Dr. Eguruze’s current research interests focus on collaborations and book chapter development on global poverty eradication and human development. Dr. Eguruze attended and presented a paper at the recently concluded CBER International Conference on ROGUE, which was held at the Said Business School, University of Oxford,UK, 8-9th August 2022. He has enormous practical experience in business consultancy and training in the UK since 1985, including preparing people interested in setting up or expanding their own small businesses, as well as assisting in preparing business plans/fundraising for growth/expansion and cash flow forecast. Dr. Eguruze has supervised Ph.D. Projects relating to Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Gabon, UK/EU, dimensions, Egypt, and Jordan.

Modules he teaches are…

BMP 4005 Introduction to Business. This module provides opportunity for learners. It will benefit those who are thinking about setting up or expanding their own business.

BMP 3000 Digital Marketing. This module provides opportunity for learners to comprehend the crucial difference of marketing processes involved between the 20th century and the 21st century. Emphasis is on the importance of the application and impact of digital marketing in 21st business environment.

BMP 4001 Professional and Academic Skills Development this involves. This module provides learners opportunity to comprehend that professional and academic skills that are pertinent to all aspects of our lives inside and outside of academic world. BMP 6003 International Human Resources Management (IHRM). This module focuses on the highlights between Human Resource Management and International Human Resource Management (IHRM) approaches to managing businesses, whilst operating with domestic and external market environments.

BMP 6001 Research Proposal (Research Methods) This module involves learning about the theoretical aspects, the implications as well as the processes and steps inherent in conducting a dissertation. This is the initial stages of conducting a dissertation/thesis.

BMP 634 Dissertation (Research Methods). By contrast, this module involves learning mainly the practical aspects of conducting a dissertation. The emphasis is on – how to do it, having learned the theoretical aspects.

BMP4005 Information Systems and Big Data Analysis – This module relates to the importance of understanding data analytics techniques, characteristics, the benefits and challenges to business, as well as highlighting the dominant players in the sector.

MG526 Customer Experience. This module offers opportunity to understanding the benefits as well as the links between practical and theoretical knowledge of customer experience within the marketing and/or business processes. Emphasis is on how to identify the customer experience and its role in maximising sales to increase profitability and customer loyalty at different stages of the buying process: pre-sales, during purchase and post-purchase.