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Dr. Windy Grendele


Dr. Windy Grendele

PhD in Psychology, with a strong background in qualitative research using thematic analysis and reflexive thematic analysis, Dr Grendele developed specialist knowledge of several areas of Social Psychology. Specifically, she is an expert in group dynamics, power constructs, coercive control, and social dominance. Her field of expertise further extends, covering areas of trauma and coping mechanisms that the individual may adopt as a consequence of shunning and ostracism, social death, being a victim of domestic abuse and honour-based violence.


Dr Grendele is also an expert in religious shunning and the way social dynamics and power constructs develop and integrate within a religious context. During her PhD, Dr Grendele explored the lived experiences of people shunned from a gated religious community with particular reference to the impact on the individual’s life and the strategies employed to cope with such an event. One important contribution of her research is the Integrated Model of Social Dynamics, and Coercive Power Construct she developed.

Recently, Dr Grendele has become particularly interested in the way religious shunning poses a threat to the basic human rights of the individual and the possible implications of this within the justice system in the UK. One of her articles (in press) presents a ground-breaking perspective on religious shunning and UK legislation. She also co-authored several articles that present the findings of her PhD research.

• The individual and society (FND3002)
• Principles of care (HSO4004)
• The world of work (FND3004)
• Contemporary mental health (HLT6060)
• Introduction to research and evidence-based practice (HSO)4008