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Dr. Sam Bazargan

Program Leader

Dr. Sam Bazargan

Research, scholarship activities and achievements

Bazargan, S., Bournakis, I. (2019). Financial Liberalisation and Income Inequality: The Role of Human Capital Investment. (in progress).
• “Financial liberalisation and income inequality: the role of human capital investment” paper accepted at The 30th Annual Conference of the International Trade and Finance Association which is taking place in the University of Richmond, Virginia, USA.
• “Financial liberalisation and income inequality: the role of human capital investment” paper presented at the Arnoldshain conference on the 19th of June 2019/ Bournemouth University, UK.
• Bazargan, S., Bournakis, I. (2018). Rising Income Inequality: The Role of Financial Globalisation and Development. (in progress).
• Bazargan, S., Kernohan, D., Bournakis, I. (2017). Comparing the Significance of the Main Economic Causes of Income Inequality: A General to Specific Approach (in progress).

Taught modules

BMP5006 – Financial Management and Decision Making: This module enables to appraise problems associated with managing an organistion within the context of the modern business environment and to develop an awareness of how management accounting techniques can aid management decision making, planning and control.

Other Modules taught: MBA7011-Financial Management and Decision Making- PG MBA: Working as a business manager business prosperity will require understanding of higher level financial skills. This module will provide with the opportunity to critically appraise the importance of financial awareness in management control systems, and critically review the methods by which the complexities of control may be handled.,

BMP3005- Applied Business finance: This module will help to enhance problem solving and data interpretation skills. It will introduce to basic financial terms, data interpretation, as well as support the use of statistics and information technology.