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Dr. Rishiram Aryal

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Rishiram Aryal

Dr. Rishiram Aryal has been teaching various business subjects since 2000. He has completed his PhD under the issues of Earnings Management, Corporate Governance & External Audit. He has 18 years of teaching experience, including teaching at London South Bank University, London Metropolitan University and some other BTEC colleges. He is also a standard verifier of the BTEC course. Moreover, his other interest area is in Scholarships. His paper was selected as one of the three best papers at the CBER Conference at the University of Oxford. He has also been awarded as the best teacher in a college named School of Information Risk Management.

His paper has been selected as one of the three best papers at CBER Conference. He is also working on many topics based on his area of expertise.

He has been teaching Business courses for BTEC students from last 4 years. Similarly, he has had teaching experience in Accounting, Finance and other business subjects in London South Bank University from last 4 years. He has also taught Economics, International Logistics etc in London Metropolitan University from 2019.