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Dr. Joel C. Nwaubani


Dr. Joel C. Nwaubani

Joel C. Nwaubani is a Lecturer of Business Studies and Management and has worked in the Greek Higher Education sector for 11 years. He has achieved the professional qualification status of Fellow of the Advance Higher Education (FHEA). Joel is a PhD holder in Statistics & Macroeconomics with first-class honours, an MSc and BSc from the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki – Greece. He has played an active role in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd phases EU Social Support Framework for the European Operational Programme on education and main Vocational Training in Greece.


He joined Regent College London in 2022 as a Lecturer and Academic Assessor and has also worked in parallel with senior management at the School of Business and Enterprise; He engaged with the College’s Staff Development Framework as a means of raising levels of professionalism in learning and teaching. To extend his teaching and learning goals to the students, he had discussions that involved pedagogy in a dynamic classroom approach after each module session chaired by a group of students.


Joel is a member of professional bodies such as the Royal Economic Society of London, the Economics Business Enterprise Association, the American Association for Science and Technology & Greek Society of Data Analysis.

Joel’s research interests include business management and statistics. He obtained an MSc & Ph.D. International Scholarship/grants from the 3rd Community Support Framework of the EU Operational Programme on Education. He is participating strongly in subject-related conferences, seminars, Lectures, and symposia, which facilitate a deeper understanding of the research and give a wider perspective. He integrates the knowledge gained by these activities into his teaching so that students have an awareness of current research within relevant scientific fields.


In July 2019, Joel chaired sessions at the ICCMI conference in Heraklion Crete and presented papers on accounting & finance. Last summer, he was invited to Manchester to speak at an international conference and presented a broad diversity of research focusing on topics related to statistics. He has published many articles in peer-reviewed international and national journals.


One of his publications on macroeconomic analysis and challenges facing policymakers created an impact on a global level – ‘Evaluating macroeconomic analysis remain issues of considerable importance for economists, statisticians, the media and policymakers; however, understanding how the economy works requires a shift from economic measurement to economic analysis.


Joel is currently involved in research on using categorical data analysis to evaluate the influx of job seekers in EU15/United Kingdom during the coronavirus pandemic era.

• Operations and Service Management (BM563) – This module covers operation management practice within an organisation. It critically analyses how this operation management practice impacts the organisation with regard to efficiency. Additionally, it evaluates how technology could be embedded in this process or evaluate how this has already been achieved. Furthermore, it discusses how supporting functions are linked to this operation management practice and evaluates how they can assist with ensuring organisational success.

• Change Management and organisation Development (MG630) – This module describes the strategic and operational importance of change in organisations. It also evaluates change management theory, strategies, and tactical options, including organisation development.

• People and Performance (BMP4006) – This module Identify the importance of effective people management in relation to organisational performance and wellbeing, identify people development tools and techniques, and the importance of external factors in managing people

• Customer Experience (MG526) – This module describes the principles of managing the customer experience. Understand the different dimensions of the customer experience and key factors for managing that experience. Furthermore, it focuses on how to monitor and measure customer experiences in context.

• Practical Digital Marketing (BMP3006) – This module covers the importance of the marketing function and the marketing mix, explain elements of the communications mix and examine how digital marketing can be used in communication strategies.

• Information Systems and Big Data Analysis (BMP4005) – This module describes how information systems support management decisions at different levels within organisations. Moreover, it describes theories, methods, and techniques which relate to the design and development of IT solutions.