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Dr. Fatemeh Azizi


Dr. Fatemeh Azizi

Dr. Fatemeh Azizi is a registered chartered psychologist with years of working experience in the UK National Health Service. She obtained his Graduate Diploma in Psychology in 2016, followed by a Doctorate in Psychology from the Anglia Ruskin university. She is a member of the British Psychological Society and a fellow member of the European Group For The Study of Deviance And Social Control. She works in partnership with Buckinghamshire New University, University of Bolton, St Mary’s University, and Regent College, conducting lectures for under and postgraduate students.

Dr Fatemeh Azizi works as a post-doctoral research associate in Anglia Ruskin University, conducting research on ethnic minorities and issues of immigration and mental health. I have peered reviewed academic articles on Journal of Gender-Based Violence and published multiple articles on the persistence of social and structural harm on ethnic minorities in the UK. I also regularly present at international conferences and facilitate various symposiums about Migration World.

LC565 Understanding the Work Environment I- FY028 Inquiry Based Learning – HSO4009 Enhancing Communication and Academic Skills -LC546 Citizenship, Community and Welfare- LC580 Employability and Professional Development