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Assad Shamsi


Assad Shamsi

Upon completing his studies at Regent College in 2004, Assad Shamsi joined the institution as a member of staff shortly after. During his time at Regent, Assad has progressed and developed into different roles such as Business Lecturer, Programme Leader, VLE Co-ordinator, and Academic Assessor. A passionate lecturer with over 13 years of teaching experience, Assad has completed BSc and MSc degrees from the University of Westminster and Brunel University respectively.

This academic aspect will be explored in future, as part of continuous development and progression.

The range of different modules consists of careers, academic, business and employability related modules (MG408, MG410, FY021, FY026, FY027, FY028) to technology orientated modules (BM565). These modules are delivered at different levels, from Level 3 to Level 5.