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Dr. Faizu Edu


Dr. Faizu Edu

Faizu has many years of teaching and research experience as a Lecturer II from Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria, before coming to the UK in 2005. He is a recipient of the Lagos State Scholarship. Faizu was formerly a Program Coordinator in the Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, Faculty of Management, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria.

Faizu has taught management courses at different levels in colleges in London and was also a researcher at the University of Wolverhampton.


Faizu is a prolific writer, and his articles have been published in scholarly journals both nationally and internationally. Faizu is currently working on an individual project on CSR in Sub-Saharan Africa. He is an associate member of CIPD, member of IFL, and many other professional bodies. He is also a visiting lecturer at Kwara State University, Malete Kwara, Nigeria.

Faizu is currently working on an individual project on CSR in Sub-Sahara Africa. He has jointly worked with a professor of entrepreneur on a large-scale project on Taxes and Internally Generated Revenue sponsored by Kwara State Government in Nigeria.

• FY027 Preparing for Success Self-development
• FY028 Inquiry Based Learning
• MG411 Introduction to People Management
• BM461 Global Business Environment
• BM522 Project Management
• BM563 Operations and Service Management
• BM633 Strategic Agility
• IMA7003 HR in a Global Context
• MBA7015 Human Resource Management