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Anuradha Sulane


Anuradha Sulane

Anuradha Sulane is technically well-qualified as Computer Science Lecturer but also has strong skills in Management. She is best known for her ability to identify and implement improvements that enhance productivity. She considers herself reliable and creative and is always willing to take part in new projects as well as work within teams. Over the last few years, she has been working in the area of Machine Learning (Speech Emotion Recognition), in particular, applying Machine Learning techniques to a variety of problems in language processing. Her specific interest is in how the subtle tonic and prosodic audio conveys information about the emotional state of the speaker. This is a subject of current particular importance because more and more systems rely upon the automatic understanding and response system to human subjects.

Since October 2015, she has been doing his research in Speech Emotion Recognition, understanding and learning different attributes contributing towards speech recognition and Machine learning algorithms. In 2018, she won the Innovate UK Grant for this research and worked in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire and Intelligent Voice Ltd. as a Knowledge Transfer Partner (KTP) Associate. She has been a Member of ACM UK and hosted and contributed her efforts towards the 2nd Inspire Women conference by ACM-UK.

She has recently joined RCL and currently teaches Computer Systems and System Analysis and Design Modules.