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Pearson, is a well-known and well respected operator in the education sector. Its BTEC qualifications provide a more practical, real-world approach to learning and skills development alongside a key theoretical background in comparison with traditional academic qualifications. Regent College London is currently operating the Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business with a number of specialised pathways.

The College is currently inspected by Pearson twice per year, once via Academic Management Review (AMR), and once via the Standards Verification (SV) process.

The Academic Management Review is centre based, and concentrates on eight criteria, or ‘Review Areas’ relating to how the centre manages its courses. This was formerly called  the ‘Centre Quality Review’, but was changed in 2013 to AMR in order to bring its assessment of Levels 4-7 in line with QAA. There is a greater emphasis on overall course management and overall provision rather than individual programmes or pathways.

Our most recent Academic Management Review took place in February 2020.

There were no essential actions or recommendations made. The latest report stated:

“Student support services are particularly strong, with emphasis given to ready access for students to specialist support and maintaining their well-being.”

“Staff moves are seen as opportunities for reviewing structures and roles, supporting the centre’s ethos of progressive development.”

“During the visit 3 HND Business students were individually interviewed. All spoke highly about receiving strong tutor support, enjoy the teaching, and find access to learning resources very easy through the Regent college App, and the course timetable.”

Standards Verification is an external monitoring process used by Pearson to monitor the quality of assessment within centres. In the case of our BTEC HND courses, the Standards Verifier/External Examiner looked at the assignment briefs (the assessment instruments) and checked to see whether they were fit for purpose. The Standards Verifier/External Examiner will look at a sample of marked work and check the assessment decisions.

Our Standards Verifier/External Examiner visit was held in April 2019. The report stated:

“The record keeping processes and documentation used for all aspects of the programme is excellent.”