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Our Approach

REGENT Education – Core Competencies

  1. Digital live face-to-face delivery via any device at REGENT’s technology powered compact campus locations.
  2. Digital synchronous live delivery via any device, any place, with scheduled sessions, but not anytime.
  3. Digital asynchronous delivery via any device, any place, anytime

All three core competency options above have the combination of choices that consumers can make…

  • Any device
  • Any time
  • Any place

Our Approach


At REGENT we do not use legacy, outdated “classrooms” where students sit in rows, which is nothing different from where teaching started under a tree with a blackboard!


Teaching, Learning, Assessment and the Curriculum Continuum (TLACC) is integrated with immersed learning powered by Ed. TiC to enable consumers to change their habits, behaviours and finally to achieve their desired RESULTS.

We unlock human potential and enhance human behaviour, we create the greatest combination of human awareness on the academic intellect of the subject areas (such as business, finance, marketing, allied health, computing, engineering and any other disciplines), but also promote ability to understand human physiology, psychology, emotions and the “energy” as non assessed curriculum.

This formula will change the world and REGENT will become a global brand for good causes in this world.

The next destination is 10,000 customers worldwide…