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RCL students deliver outstanding presentations at ICBED 2024 conference

Regent College London academics and students attend ICBED conference 2024.

From April 15th to 17th, eight RCL students presented at the 13th International Conference on Business and Economic Development (ICBED) 2024. The event was co-hosted by the Centre for Business & Economic Research (CBER), London, UK and Medgar Evers College of City University of New York, USA.

This year’s conference took place at Medgar Evers College, while the overarching theme was “Business and economic development post-COVID-19”. RCL academic staff in attendance included Dr Palto Datta, Dr Flomny Menon and Dr Raja Sagalina. 

All eight RCL students have recently completed MBAs and their presentations were based on their submitted dissertations. We were incredibly proud to hear that every one of them delivered an insightful presentation to the esteemed audience of scholars, researchers, practitioners and industry executives from all around the world.  

Better yet, three of our students went on to win the Best Paper Presenter award for their respective sessions. The award is voted by the conference participants, based on criteria such as timing, analysis, content quality, and the relevance of the topic, as well as their ability to answer questions and offer explanations. This is a rich and rewarding achievement for our winners, while also reflecting RCL’s continued commitment to educational excellence.

We extend a huge congratulations to our three winning students: 

  • Shaheda Akther with their paper, The impact of service quality on customer satisfaction in the betting shop: UK Perspective (co-authored by Dr Datta). 
  • Manjeet Manjeet with their paper, The impact of human energy crisis on the employee’s performance in IT sector in India (co-authored by Dr Datta). 
  • Thu Kywe Khant Soe with their paper, The effect of CSR on consumer purchase intention in the UK fashion industry (co-authored by Dr Datta). 
Regent College London academics and students attend ICBED conference 2024.

“Outstanding contributions”

The three-day ICBED conference seeks to investigate the most recent breakthroughs, trends, and issues affecting global business and economic development. From provocative keynote talks to thought-provoking panel discussions and engaging workshops, the conference provides a forum for lively debate and networking. 

A total of eighty research papers were presented. Professors from famous universities – including Harvard Business School, University of New York, University College London, School of Oriental and African Studies, and Babson College in the USA – gave keynote speeches. More than a hundred academics representing 21 countries participated. 

The event was co-chaired by Dr P. R. Datta, Senior Lecturer and Scholarship Lead at Regent College London and Executive Chair at CBER. Following the conference, Dr Datta praised the students for their “outstanding contributions”, describing their presentations as “truly impressive” and their dedication to expanding their knowledge as “inspiring”. 

“Conferences such as ICBED are a golden opportunity to make new connections locally and internationally,” Dr Datta continued, “They are an essential activity in the life of an academic, researcher or graduate student.” 

We want to say well done and a heartfelt thank you to all participating students for representing RCL with poise and professionalism at this prestigious international event. 

  • Lorela Ajdini with their paper, The impact of technology on customer satisfaction in restaurant industry in the UK (co-authored by Dr Datta). 
  • Juliana Olayemi Omolambe with their paper, Productivity of employees within a hybrid work ecosystem (co-authored by Dr Flonmy Menon). 
  • Kripalini Saginala with their paper, The impact of Artificial Intelligence on E-commerce supply chain sector in achieving cost efficiency and economic growth: A business and economics perspective
  • Yordanos A Tesfay with their paper, How Brexit has impacted the import and export strategies? (co-authored by Dr Flonmy Menon). 
  • Preethi Thevar Durairaj, Impact of training on employee performance in the Post-COVID Hybrid Work Environment: A comparative analysis of SI-UK and Cognizant (co-authored by Dr Datta). 
Regent College London academics and students attend ICBED conference 2024.