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Mindfulness workshop at Wembley campus

Mindfulness is a practice in breathing, relaxing and appreciating the present moment. Regent college London students at Wembley campus had a chance to attend a Mindfulness workshop run by CNWL talking Therapies Services and learn more about what mindfulness is and how mindfulness can benefit people. Students were able to practice some of mindfulness techniques: mindful eating and breathing. They also got information about how to access further support. Participants realised that mindfulness practice is a personal journey, a gradual process where you slowly learn how to be more present here and now with yourself and with what you are doing. Most importantly, mindfulness is not about not thinking or having no thoughts that is a near-impossible endeavour. It is about becoming aware of what you’re thinking and gently bringing back your attention to whatever you find yourself doing. Participants found the workshop very helpful and will try to use the mindfulness techniques in their everyday life.