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Marius shares his volunteering experience in Madagascar

My name is Marius Marcu and I am a Romanian Christian and a student at Regent College London. Many people from our Romanian Church Bethesda in Watford have been involved in voluntary humanitarian activities and work in Madagascar for the last couple of years.

A group of people from the Church go Madagascar every year with several resources for poor families and to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. Standard day rates are 7000-8000 Ar which comes around £1.5-2 and a bottle of 2 litres of drinking water is £2.5. This is an example of the very low economy you can find there.

We go there with clothes, sweets for children, tooth paste etc and a smile on our faces because we can help them in hard situations. We understood the Bible call to go and help the ones in great need and preach the Gospel to everyone. We are happy to serve Jesus in that way.
One of the thing that surprised everyone if that people over there are fighting for survival every day. Parents cannot stay home to take care of their babies, so that responsibility is on older brothers and sisters who are 5-7 years old, because they need to find work to make sure they’ll have something to eat. They get only 1 meal a day (if they have resources for that) which is just rice.

The pictures show the difficulties they are facing every day. In one picture you will see how they read the newspaper. One rich person buys it and it is displayed for the public, because only a few afford to buy the newspaper.