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Life as a Software Engineering Student at Regent College London

We caught up with Software Engineering with Foundation Year student Semir Abdelkadir Idris, who has just completed two years of his degree and is now onto his third. Semir discusses his aspirations after he graduates and life as a software engineering student at Regent College London (RCL).

What was your background before joining the college?

I have a background in accounting, most of my qualifications are from there, and I am currently a part-time account assistant. My accounting background stems from my family as they work in the sector. However, it is not my desire to work in accounting. I have an interest in software engineering and would love to work in IT. Ever since I was a child, I have had a passion for all things tech. I used to play around with different PCs, laptops and I have worked on programming, different hardware, and computing systems. I really enjoy IT and studying software engineering with RCL as the classes are interactive and engaging.

What made you decide to study with RCL?

I joined RCL during the Covid-19 pandemic and amid a national lockdown. I wanted to explore my passion and interest in IT and software engineering. So, during my research into studying for a higher qualification I found RCL and was interested straight away. Firstly, the campus is close to my home, which is great as it only takes me 20 minutes to travel in. Secondly, RCL is a diverse organisation, there are students and tutors from a range of backgrounds. Thirdly, RCL had the course I was interested in!

The application process was exceptionally smooth! There was always someone there to help when I needed it. Staff would help me throughout the application process  and provided me with the information I needed.

What has been your experience as an RCL student?

I really enjoy studying online, I can study from the comfort of my home and it’s very convenient. I was a little apprehensive at first, as I have never studied online before, but my tutors made the lectures and classes fun, engaging and easy to follow. I soon felt comfortable studying online. It is also great that the lectures are recorded, which allows me to watch them back to pick up anything I might have missed.

Have there been aspects that you have found particularly helpful?

The Student Wellbeing team is great, they organise activities, such as yoga and fitness classes that students can take part in. However, to be honest, the SCOPE sessions are my favourite! They host talks with professional speakers who can guide us. Again, the sessions are recorded which is great as I can re-watch or catch up on any sessions that I have missed.

What do you plan to do next?

After graduating, I plan to enter the Software Engineering sector. I am currently looking for a job in that field. Once I have graduated with my Software Engineering with Foundation Year degree, I would not only like a job in that field, but I also plan to study further, and gaining a master’s in computer science. Because having both software engineering and a master’s in computing will help me stand out to employers and give me a great foundation.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

The thing I enjoy most about RCL is studying online! Also, I have amazing lecturers who are always here for us, and the methods of teaching are easy to understand. The tutors are committed, sometimes I get replies during the early hours of the morning which truly shows how dedicated they are to us, students.

What advice would you give other students looking at a similar career path?

To anyone who wants to apply to Regent College London, I would say just do it. The time flies by quickly! I have advised some of my friends who want to join RCL to apply. Some are worried about the length of the courses but I have said, ‘before you know it, you are in your third year’. I have one friend who continually asks how my time is at RCL, as he wanted to start with me two years ago, and now he has decided to enrol in September. It’s always hard starting something new but once you have enrolled, everything that follows at RCL is amazing!

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