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Is a Health and Social Science with Foundation Year Degree For Me?

The best place to start when thinking about working in the Health and Social Care Field is investing into getting a degree. There are many Health and Social Care degrees out there, but, here at Regent College London, we offer 4 types of the degree. Whichever one you choose, they have been dynamically designed to help you gain transferable and professional skills to help you advance in your career. There are many doors that can open whilst working in Health and Social Science, and we’re here to give you a little lowdown into the Degree itself!

Is a Health and Social Science with Foundation Year Degree For Me - Regent College London

What exactly is a BSc (Hons) Health and Social Science Degree?

Health and Social Science looks at the Healthcare sector in a rounded format, by taking this degree, you will be exposed to many different subject areas that will help enhance your interest for this passionate field. Our Health and Social Science with Foundation Year is a Bachelor’s of Science degree is awarded by Buckinghamshire New University. It’s a 4 Year Course that covers levels RQF 3-6. After successful completion, you will find yourself more attractive to employers as you would have gained a high standard of skills to thrive in your career.

Do I need to take the Degree with a Foundation Year?

This really depends on your preference and of course, your current qualifications. A Foundation can be very advantageous to students as the Foundation Year gives them strong starting base for their Degree. It’s within the Foundation Year that skills are perfected, which are needed for the 3 existing years of your course. We wrote all about Why you should take a Foundation Year Here. In that, we break down the many benefits, if it’s for you and much more. On the other hand, if you find that you wish to complete a BSc (Hons) Health and Social Science Degree, without a Foundation Year, we also offer that too!

What subject areas are covered in the Degree?

With our BSc (Hons) Health and Social Science with Foundation Year Degree, you are able to learn a wide range of subject areas relating to the field of Healthcare. We’ve listed a few of the modules from across the degree below:

  • Making Sense of Society: The Sociological Imagination
  • Policy and Society
  • Sociology of Health
  • Wellbeing in Society
  • Race Ethnicity and Migration
  • Sport, Diversity and Well-being
  • Global Health and Society (optional)
  • Leadership and Teamwork (optional)
  • Body Culture and Society (optional)
  • Disability in Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System (optional)

What are the benefits of taking a Health and Social Science with Foundation Year Degree?

  • Improvement of your English and study skills: As you are able to undertake an extra year of study, this will provide you with excellent proficiency in English as well as teach you Study Skills that can be used throughout your degree.
  • Preparation: Not only does a Foundation Year get you ready; it does so within your area of study. It allows you to adjust before you begin your full Degree programme.
  • A guaranteed place of study: Once you have successfully completed the Foundation Year of your Degree, you are guaranteed to progress to the next level your chosen course at Regent College London.

What are the benefits of working in Healthcare?

There are an unlimited amount of reasons and benefits to work in Healthcare. It has not only been listed as one of the most rewarding jobs, but also one that adds smiles to those who care for the vulnerable in society:

  • Career Progression: Working in Healthcare offers its employees many opportunities to grow, develop and progress in their careers. Doors are continually being opened at the Healthcare Sector evolves and makes new discoveries.
  • Having an impact: By taking up a career in Health and Social Care, you are allowing yourself to make a significant impact on many lives. You will continue to save and assist those most in in need.
  • New Challenges: When working within the different sectors of Health and Social Care, no two days are the same, every day, you will find different challenges that will help you grow and thrive.

What are the Entry Requirements for this degree?

Well, they’re quite simple and are as follows:

  • GCSE English at grade C/4 or above
  • GCSE Mathematics at grade C/4 or above
  • Minimum of 90 credits from a Level 3 qualification such as A Levels or BTECs.

All applications are considered on individual merit. If you do not meet our advised entry requirements why not make an appointment with our recruitment team who can support you to explore your eligibility or other pathways.

What other Health and Social related degrees do you offer?

At Regent College London, we offer the four following Health and Social Care related degrees:

  1. BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care
  2. BSc (Hons) Health and Social Science
  3. BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care with Foundation Year
  4. BSc (Hons) Health and Social Science with Foundation Year

What about the Course Fees?

The fees for the Course’s also differ, they can be found on the pages of our Foundation Year with Degrees.

Am I able to apply for Student Finance with this Degree?

Yes, you are able to apply for Student Finance. We have a specialist Student Finance team, who are highly qualified in helping you through the Student Finance process.

There are many universities that offer Health and Social Science Degrees, but at Regent College London, we know why you should choose us:

  1. Flexible Timetable: We offer a Flexible Timetable for each degree with helps students fit their study around their busy life commitments! We provide Weekday, Weekend and Evening Classes at our 5 Campuses.
  2. Easy Travel: We have 4 Campuses based in London and are situated in Harrow, Central London, Wembley and Kingsbury. Each of our campuses are located 5 Minutes or under from a Tube, Train or Bus Station. Studying has never been easy to travel to!
  3. Small Class Sizes: At Regent College London, we provide small class sizes to ensure students receive the best 1-2-1 support from their tutor. With our class sizes being small, students are able to ask questions in abundance and feel supported throughout their studies.
  4. Highly Experienced Tutors: Our tutors are Highly Experienced and come with a wealth of knowledge. This ensures that students are taught the best and highest of standards!

When and how can I apply?

Our enrolment process is easy and hassle free! Apply today to join our Regent College London campuses in, Central London, Harrow,  Wembley or Kingsbury. Simply enquire about a course using our enquiry form and a member of the team will be in touch soon. Don’t wait any further, take the next step in your career today!