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How to Make the Most of Learning Digitally

We know we’re all in weird, strange and quite frankly unprecedented times, however, life does continue and we’re all trying to make the most out of a terrible situation. Everyone has adapted to their own ways of being in lockdown, whether that be picking up new cooking skills, finally doing something they’ve always needed to, or for our students, it has been learning digitally through Regent Digital Services. With many of our work and study routines disrupted, we have had to adjust our lifestyles to work remotely or study from the comfort of our homes.

Today, we have put together a quick blog post on how you can make the most out of studying Digitally!

  • Establish a Routine
  • Time Management
  • Take Regular Breaks
  • Communicate with Others
  • Self-Motivation
  • Make the Most of Regent Digital Services

Making the most of Digital Learning and experience

Establish a Routine

The best place to start is to establish a routine, one that works for you and revolves around your studies and life commitments. Once you have figured out a routine that works best, everything else will follow suit. For example, your lecture may start at 10am, and you make have other tasks that need to be done before or after that, set a routine that will help you achieve all you need to do for the day. Wake up earlier if you need to or work a little later perhaps, however, either way, following a routine will help you keep on track! You can try to set it up as close to what your normal day used to look like pre-lockdown. That may be waking up at 8am to be at your lecture for 10am, obviously, with learning Digitally, there’s not much travel involved, apart from moving from your bed to your desk, but waking up just early enough to have a shower, eat some breakfast before your 10am lecture, will help set your day off to a great start. With Regent Digital Services, our flexible timetables are still in place to help you study around your life!

Time Management

With an established routine, comes time management. It’s always best to stick to the routine when and where you can but since you’re studying at home, you can give yourself some flexibility, no
two days are the same! You may find that you need to work a little longer on one assignment for a certain day, which is why you should keep a flexible routine that works for you. Developing time management skills will play a key role in your chances of succeeding to combine work with studies. Some students create a study plan which helps them prioritise tasks, assignments, and general learning. Study Plans breaks down the tasks at hand and makes your to-do list much more manageable and efficient. If you’ve never created a study plan before, there are loads of resources on Google and Youtube to help you get started. It’s also great to talk to your fellow students and peers and get some ideas from them and adapt it to your own task list!

Take Regular Breaks

As we have mentioned above, its great to establish a routine, however, it’s important to take regular breaks. Although studying from home can seem much more manageable than travelling to lass, you shouldn’t exhaust yourself throughout the day. There will be days where you’re more motivated than others and want to work twice as hard, which is great, but should be done with regular breaks to avoid running into a wall. Your break can involve anything you like, or something that helps you relax. It may be going for a walk, watching your favourite TV show or raiding the fridge that has been calling your name the whole day! You’ll find that after a break you will feel more positive, motivated and have more energy!

Communicate With Others

Yes, many of us may be feeling a little lonely studying and working by ourselves, we’re in our own bubble, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t Communicate with your friends, fellow students or peers. Drop them a text, arrange a call on MS Teams or Zoom and have a little catch up. It’s also great to communicate with others to see how they’re getting on and perhaps exchange any tips and tricks with each other to make studying from home more successful. Not only will this make you feel less isolated, it’ll also encourage a sense of teamwork!


We know it can be tricky to motivate yourself when your bed is so comfy and Netflix at hand, however, you should try to find a way to get yourself motivated and complete what you need to do! Not only will you tick tasks off your to-do list, you will also feel a sense of achievement and relief when they’ve been done. This is where our earlier points of Creating a Routine and communicating with others can help. A routine helps you keep on track, whilst speaking to your friends and classmates can help motivate and guide you!

Make the Most of Regent Digital Services

Regent Digital Services came in full force way back in March and it’s here to stay! Our students have adapted incredibly well to learning digitally and are making the most of Regent Digital Services. We still offer the same high-standard of teaching that you would normally receive in a class setting and our highly qualified tutors are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. We’re still running classes to the same timetable you would have if you studied on campus, which means great flexibility, same class groups and more interactive learning! Find out how you can make the most of Regent Digital Services here.