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Work Placement and Employability Drop-in Session

The placement is designed to cultivate theory to practical experience within the health and social care sector. Throughout this experience, you’ll delve into the intricacies of your role, reflecting on how you can actively enrich the care and support provided to service users. Exploring the nature and structure of working within an organisation is key to linking theoretical knowledge to practical experience. Interacting with diverse individuals during your placement will offer invaluable insights. Leveraging these interactions makes it a point to connect with staff members, expanding your professional network and fostering opportunities for career advancement. The Work Placement commences in semester two of level 5 and spans over 15 weeks.

Are you a student unsure about your career path in health, social care and sport science? Our drop-in sessions with Stephanie Davidson, our Work Placement Coordinator, are here to help!

Why Attend

Confused about which career option to choose? We’ll you!

Tailored Guidance

Receive personalised advice based on your interests and goals

Clarify Career Paths

Gain clarity on the various career options available in the health and social care sector.

Access Work Experience Opportunities

Learn about and explore potential work placements to kick start your career.

Supportive Environment

Engage in interactive discussions in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

Session Details

Join us every Tuesday at 5pm-6pm. Get help with career paths or securing work placement. Book your session!

Testimonials at Work Placement

"I think doing the work experience is very important because, at least for me, has confirmed that I am on the right path of my career, becoming a qualified peer mentor or continuing my study and becoming a phycologist"
Susanna Fataki
"This experience has made me feel more confident, in exploring new settings and has made me realise that I definitely want to pursue a career in paramedic"
Zuela Diogo

Ready to start your career journey?

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