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HND students visit London museums

A group of HND students studying Innovation and Commercialisation were taken on a field trip to the Design Museum and the V&A Museum. Both the museums have a lot of contemporary as well as historic information on designs of the past and current innovations. The theme of Reduce, Reuse, Rethink in particular had a lot of information on display to highlight the impact of use of plastics on the planet.
Interestingly, the case study for the students also had to do with a water bottle company and therefore, the visit to the museum was highly relevant, useful and informative.

Some of the feedback from the students:

“The recent visit to the above museum was an eye opener to different types of innovations and designs. There were both frugal and also incremental and disruptive innovations that I realized. Thanks for the opportunity.”
– Kennedy Oloo, Level 4 Business Management student
“The visit was interesting and we saw some innovation ideas, about recycling and how to care for the environment by using other resources instead of plastic, Thank you”
– Gabriela Macovei, Level 4 Business Management student
“It was a wonderful experience together! This visit to the museum had a constructive result because I personally had the opportunity to see and understand the innovation process from different perspectives from the ones I knew. Thank you”.
– Larisa-Otelia Sotirca.