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Guest lecture on Information Systems and Big Data Analysis

Dr. Rami Hikmat Fouad Al-Hadeethi delivered a guest lecture on Information Systems and Big Data Analysis on 4th November, 2019 at our London campus.
He made a presentation on ‘How will Emerging Technology Influence the Core Business Management Elements?’. He described the new challenges and critical decisions in Operations Management, explained how Lean Systems can help operations managers and facilitate the continuous improvement of processes and discussed the effect of using Emerging Technologies (ET) in achieving Lean operations.

Dr. Al-Hadeethi is the Associate Professor of Industrial Technology and Operations Management, Industrial Engineering Thematic Leader, Education Society Chapter, IEEE United Kingdom and Ireland Section and also the Project & Development Manager, Human Relief Foundation.

The lecture was attended by both staff and students from Regent College London and was well received. Some of the feedback from our students:

“Thank you very much for having us there. The presentation was very informative and I’m pretty sure will help me with my assignments going forward as I gained a lot from the session.”
– Pamela

“Thank you for the seminar, it was very detailed especially lean management; it was very enlightening and it increased my knowledge of big data analytics.”
– Sara Hezekiah

“Thank you for organising this seminar. Honestly it was a pleasure to be there and to cultivate so much information that will help me at assessment.”
– Marcela