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General election discussion at Regent College London

On 12 December, the UK public will once again head to the polling stations, voting for the future of the country. Regent College London encourages all students to be politically proactive, supporting the candidates and causes of their choice. Political activity is an important expression of citizenship and the exploration of opposing points of view on matters of public policy is an important and vital learning opportunity.
At our general election discussion week, students at London, Wembley and Southall campuses had the chance to share their views on the general election and on politics in general. Students expressed their view on political parties and reviewed manifesto pledges.
Videos which helped students to learn more about main political parties and their platforms were played, which sparked heated discussion and students were able freely express their views and opinions.
At the end of the session students conducted a survey where they chose the topics of most importance to them which included: education, environment, housing, crime, NHS. Students then voted for the platforms they thought most effective on these topics.
Students had different opinions on diffident aspects however they were unanimous in one thing: everyone’s vote is important, and if they want to change the future – the general election on the 12th of December is the right time and chance to make this change.