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e-Poster Academic Exhibition 2020

An e-Poster Academic Exhibition was organised by Rula Alousi, Business Management Tutor, Regent College London on 7th March, 2020. The aim of the exhibition was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Regent Group and to promote Regent College London as a landmark for education, learning, development and indeed a platform for education and knowledge. The initial idea was to setup an actual poster presentation however, having thought about the practically in terms of space and cost of printing it was decided to set this up an e-exhibition.

The idea was to introduce students to the academic environment and prepare them for their future work and dissertation and show students what makes a good researcher and what is the objective of a good research and of course good presentation skills. Ms Alousi had made short presentation of what makes a good undergraduate student at Regent College London. We also had exhibitors from the university of Bradford, University of Brunel and the University of Liverpool. One of our foundation business and management students (Bart) volunteered to do the photography for the day.