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COVID-19 self isolation tips for students

News of Coronavirus has been around for a few months now but it’s only in the last couple of weeks that it has really started to hit us hard here in the UK.
The speed of change has been head-spinning causing confusion and anxiety. Many people are taking it seriously – many are not – and this is causing conflict and distress. And, for some of us, it is affecting our family and our friends directly causing worry and grief.

These are strange times for sure and, with no end in sight, it is inevitable that in addition to the current physical health risks there is also a heightened risk to our mental health.

So, we have put together the guide to help support you during these uncertain times on our mental health support app- MIND CONNECT.
If you haven’t downloaded it yet – this is the right time to do so. Please download free app Zappar on your phone, scan Mind Connect logo at the back of your ID card, click on the COVID 19 information and check the top tips for staying in mentally good shape throughout this challenging time.