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Your Network Read

Join our cross-programme networking platforms to meet your fellow Alumni community based around the world and from different backgrounds.

Connect with your unique Regent Alumni community through the LinkedIn official Student & Alumni Community – discuss, share your thoughts and stay up-to-date with latest activities available to you.

Visit the LinkedIn Group

Many Hands Mentoring Programme Read

Connect with a mentee to share your experience and insights, or become mentored.

Are you a great listener? Could you support fellow students to deal with the ups and downs of daily life? Are you interested in becoming a mentor and supporting your peers?


MANY HANDS is a supportive programme aimed at maintaining positive student mental wellbeing in Higher Education. By recognizing and utilizing your own valuable personal life experiences, you can help students tackle triggers such as isolation, low confidence and common emotional issues. Our community of 100 peer mentors are matched with students from across our 7 partner colleges through our state-of-the art digital platform. In addition to contributing to student wellbeing across England, you will develop mentoring, communication and other transferable skills that will benefit your future employability.

Visit the Many Hands website or email info@manyhandsproject.uk

Alumni Ambassadors Association Read

Were you a class rep as a student? Do you want to get involved in volunteering opportunities? Found an Alumni Club? Represent your class in senior committee meetings and be the first to know about – and consulted on – latest Regent activity.

Become a Regent Alumni Ambassador in your home city – in the UK or globally.

Share local knowledge with fellow Alumni passing through or hold regular get-together events for your local Alumni community. Stay informed with latest Regent news and development and spread the word with your local community.

If you are enthusiastic to meet new friends, of all ages and backgrounds or would like to hold an event for local Alumni, Regent can offer support in planning and sending out invitations.

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