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All you need to know about a Software Engineering Degree

Software Engineering is a fast paced industry, there are always developments and new challenges on the horizon. And if its challenges you’re looking for, a Software Engineering Degree might just be the Course for you. Typically, it’s a male dominant course, but don’t let that put you off as there are many female students who enjoy studying Software Engineering and have gone on to have successful careers within the industry. We’re here today to give you a little breakdown into the world of studying a Software Engineering Course at Regent College London.

What exactly is Software Engineering?

Software Engineering covers an umbrella of different terms, for example it can be seen as the building of Software Systems for Technology purposes or it can refer to ecological and geographical matters. But today, we’re here to talk about Software Engineering from a technological aspect. Most if not, all industries rely on some sort of Software System and the Engineers behind them. The system can be at the very core of the business and hold huge amounts of vital data. Software engineers are responsible for building, developing, launching, and maintaining software products and systems.

Is Software Engineering the Degree for you?

That can be totally dependent on your interests and aspirations. If you find yourself looking to create programmes, systems and a range of software’s, this is the perfect route for you. Our Software Engineering Degrees are designed to help build on your current knowledge within the field, and help you develop a stronger understanding of the industry. If you’re taking the degree as a complete beginner, Regent College are here to support you right from the beginning to the end, we will guide and shape your learning into the best it can be.

Benefits of taking a Software Engineering Degree:

There can be many benefits in taking a Software Engineering Degree, some are:

  • Transferable Skills: Not only will you be learning skills that will help you advance in your career, they are skills that you can apply to everyday life
  • Lucrative Industry: The Software Engineering Industry and those surrounding it are extremely lucrative, they are always looking to hire students who successfully hold a degree within Software Engineering
  • Attractive to Employers: Undertaking a Software Engineering Degree will help you stand out from the crowd when applying to jobs. The industry also has a huge demand for successful applicants
  • Many different Industries: When taking a Software Engineering Degree, you are then exposed to the many different industries that require engineers, you may find that you prefer working as a Software Engineer for a Healthcare Company as opposed to in the Retail Industry. You have the flexibility to choose where you base your career.

What courses do Regent College London Offer?

We offer Software Engineering Degrees in two types; a degree with or without a Foundation Year:

  1. BEng (Hons) Software Engineering
  2. BEng (Hons) Software Engineering with Foundation Year

Both are validated by the University of Bolton.

Is Software Engineering the Degree for you

What are the Entry Requirements for the Software Engineering Degrees?

Entry Requirements for each Course can differ, they are dependent on the required UCAS Points attained, as well as the qualifications you currently hold. However, both Degree programmes require you to attend an academic interview as a part of our admissions process. Although we do have a set of Entry Requirements for each course, we may consider lowering them, if you perform well at the interview.

What about the Course Fees?

The fees for the Course’s also differ, they can be found on the pages of our Fees and Funding page.

Am I able to apply for Student Finance with this Degree?

Yes, you are able to apply for Student Finance. We have a specialist Student Finance team, who are highly qualified in helping you through the Student Finance process.

Software Engineering Jobs

There are many career options within and around the Software Engineering Degree, a few of which include:

  1. Embedded Software Engineer
  2. Software Architect
  3. Chief Technology Officer
  4. Head of Technology
  5. Video Game Engineer
  6. Phone/App developer

When and how can I apply?

Our enrolment process is easy and hassle free! Apply today to join our Regent College London campuses in, Central London or Harrow. Simply enquire about a course using our enquiry form and a member of the team will be in touch soon. Don’t wait any further, take the next step in your career today!